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The Rigging Toolbox 2 2.0.5 for Maya (maya script)

The Rigging Toolbox is a set of tools and full auto-rigger designed to aid in the process of rigging articulated characters for animation.

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  • 2017, 2016, 2015

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  • Mac
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Last Modified:07/14/2017
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maya, Rigging, Rig, game engine


v1.20 now available

Submitted by: jbuck jbuck
The v1.20 download includes v1.16 for Maya 2011, 2012 & 2013 and v1.20 for Maya 2014. The folders are clearly labeled, let me know if you have any problems.  

FYI, the only different between v1.16 and v1.20 is Maya 2014 support.  New features coming soon!


Replies to this question:

  • James Testmann

    James Testmann said almost 11 years ago:

    Hello Josh! I went through setting up my character using your tutorials, and when I came to the point of connecting the rigged parts, I got the error "# Error: RuntimeError: file /Users/joshbuck/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/scripts/ line 3077: Maya command error" Seems it's searching in your Users folder, instead of .. well.. mine. I'm no programmer of course :) any help would be appreciated! Also, does the purchase of your script grant future updates, or do I have to repurchase for those? Regards, James
  • jbuck

    jbuck said almost 11 years ago:

    Hi James. Sorry to hear you're having a problem. I will check on the command error. Don't worry about the path it references -- this is due to the fact that you're running a compiled Python file, compiled on one of my computers. Which version of Maya are you using and on what OS (Mac or Win)? Can you check that you have a total of 18 objects in the list during the Connect Rigged process? The line it is referencing in code is just an else statement that prints a warning if less than the required 18 objects are in the text scroll list. When you purchase from Creative Crash or my website (which I'm not allowed to list here but it's easy to find) you're entitled to free updates through your account. No worries. :)
  • jbuck

    jbuck said almost 11 years ago:

    James... just checked on this a bit -- you may have stumbled on a bug. Let me know what version of Maya and which version of RTB you're using and when you get the error, open the script editor in Maya and tell me exactly what it says in there. Thanks!
  • jbuck

    jbuck said almost 11 years ago:

    One more thing to try if you have time and I hope this will get you beyong this issue: when you enter "Connect Rigged" the "Control - Master" slot is empty. When you add something to this, make sure you select the curve control object in the scene and not a transform node (like an RTB Z-node). Add it by selecting the empty slot (-----!!!-----) and pressing "replace". Let me know how you make out.

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