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Topology Mate 0.0.2 for Maya (maya script)

A simply button with a triangulate and quadrangulate mode to edit topology

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Last Modified:05/25/2019
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Topology Mate is a one button topology tool, using the polyRemesh and polyRetopo commands available in Maya. Each of these commands leaves history on the geo, allowing you to refine the results as needed. The default settings should be true to the original shape, while making it easy to revise topology to an ideal quadrangulated surface. Any good modeller knows that quad faces are the ideal goal. This tool makes it easier to achieve. 
Use with caution. These commands can be memory intensive, so delete history and save an increment of your file before applying them. Make any mesh quad with ease. Happy topologizing!
.........Topology Mate Use.....
  1. Unzip the script and copy/paste it into Maya's script Editor.
  2. Save it to a shelf button.
  3. Press the shelf button to load the Topology Mate button panel
  4. Complete your model (delete construction history to reduce chance of errors)
  5. Set Tri and Quad Counts to refine initial output
  6. Triangulate selected geometry (use history to refine result)
  7. Quadrangulate selected geometry (use history to refine result; edit quad count)

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