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Tread Creator 0.1.2 for Maya (maya script)

Distributes objects along a path

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Last Modified:12/29/2015
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Tread Creator:

This script gives you the ability to duplicate several objects along a path in maya. The most important feature is that you can drive the treads around the path in a endless cycle, this is not available in the standar motion path tool in maya(wich is limited to a value between 0-1).

This gives you a great starting point whether you want to create treads to your tank, create a line with trees randomly distributed, create a chain link or just simply duplicate an object along a path.


How to install:

1. Import "TreadCreator.mel" via the script editor in maya
2. Select the code with "Ctrl-A" and simply drag and drop it in your shelf with the MMB.
3. Right click on the new icon->edit, name it  "TreadCreator" and assign the "TreadCreator.png" icon
4. Run the script!


Release notes:

version 0.1.2
-You can now offset translate and twist
-Calculate mesh locators spawns with loaded mesh(if loaded)
-Level of detail control added to newCurve
-You can now load more than one mesh object
-Loading bar is added, pressing "Esc" will now abort the current process
-Main window can now be docked to the tool settings window in maya
-Help and info tab added
-Added "Follow Ground" tab, new treads can now stick to a surface(experimental)

version 0.1.0



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