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TTools - Pro - Professional Tools 7.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

TTools is a collection of scripts for Maya. They are utilized by professionals across the game, film, architecture, automotive, and industrial design industries.

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  • 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
TTools© - Pro - Maya Tools for the Professional
 Compatible with Maya 2011 - 2022
  • TTools© are a set of universal scripts developed by a professional artist for professional artists.
  • These tools have been used across the game, film, architecture, automotive, and industrial design industries for almost two decades.
  • TTools has been used in the development of some of the most successful entertainment franchises in the world.
  • Thomas Hamilton has been a professional game developer in excess of 15 years.  Over the course of his career, he has held various positions including: Tech Artist, Senior Artist, Lead Artist, and CG Supervisor.
  Customer reviews:
  • "When I was at DD I discovered DUPExtract and it became an indispensable tool. Each place I have worked at I used it extensively...I recently found this suite of tools, and I immediately made the purchase without hesitation. This suite of tools is way more valuable than the price you pay for it!"
    • -Randy Sharp, Digital Film Artist, demo reel
  • "I've been using TTools for years and will continue to do so. So many of them are great time savers. I don't think my workflow would be as fast without these tools. If I didn't have DUPExtract, AttachMaster, or MirrorPivot I would be lost in the woods. Stop reading this and get them, GO!"
    -Matt Olson, Turtle Rock
  • "Everyone in the CG industry keeps an eye open for those tools, big or small, that make our lives a little easier. TTools is one of those products. A very nice and diverse set of tools that fills the gaps left by the main application. And if that isn't enough, customer and product support are first class. I almost never follow up on these surveys, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to plug what I think is a great product from a committed developer."
    • -Mike Tinderington, The Core Group
  • "TTools allows me to focus much more effort on the creation process.  It provides an organized avenue to ease the complexity of any task, and over the years has become a cornerstone of my modeling pipeline.  Easily said, Maya without this shelf is a Maya I don't want to work in."
    • -JustinS, Professional Game Developer 

 TTools© Installation

  1. Close Maya.
  2. Run TTools_*version*_Professional.exe
  3. At the prompt, enter the serial number provided with your download.
  4. Navigate to your Maya directory. E.g. MyDocuments/maya
  5. Install.
  6. Start Maya
  7. You will now have a TTools shelf.
  8. Show Maya who wears the pants in this relationship.
 TTools© Uninstall
  1. Run TTools_*version*_Professional_Uninstall.exe
  2. :: or ::
  3. From the Windows Control Panel
  4. Uninstall Program
  5. TTools_*version*_Professional_Uninstall.exe


 Included Tools (VIDEOS BELOW!)

  • TT_PolyTools
    • TT_DUPExtract
      • Extract or clone faces of an object. Extremely fast.  Can handle a significant amount of polys.
    • TT_AttachMaster
      • Attaches objects together while maintaining: name, pivot, translation, rotation, & hierarchy.
    • TT_MirrorPivot
      • Mirrors object based on pivot location with instancing capability.
  • TT_SoftSelectToVertColors
    • Set vertex alpha of vertices to match soft selection falloff.
  • TT_TargetMerge
    • Merge-To-Targets
      • Set a group of vertices as targets.  Set a group of vertices as slaves. The slaves will be merged to target verts that are adjacent to them (sharing an edge) and within the weld threshold.
    • Collapse-To-Target
      • Select a group of vertices. The first selected will be the target.  The remaining verts will be merged to the target vertex.
    • Vertex Snap
      • Functions much like merge vertices, however, it only snaps vertices together without merging.
  • TT_UnwrapByHardEdges
    • Unwraps objects using the existing hard edges to define the UV shells.
    • Requires Maya BonusTools 2014-2017.
  • TT_PivotMaster
    • TT_PivotMatch
      • Matches the pivot of the second object to the first selected.
      • Great for ensuring your high and low poly meshes have the exact same pivot location.
    • TT_PivotToOrigin
      • Moves the pivots of all selected objects to the origin
    • TT_PivotToChildren
      • Moves pivots of selected objects’ children to match the parent.
    • TT_TogglePivot
      • Toggles display of pivot marker (for snapping to an object's pivots).
    • TT_ToggleLocalAxis
      • Toggles display of local axis marker
  • TT_RenameIt
    • A robust renaming script.  Add or remove prefixes and suffixes.  Recursively name all children of a parent.  Add numerical or alphabetical extension counters.
  • TT_Version
    • This shelf button serves as a visual aid to tell you what version of the tools you are running.
  • TT_Help
    • Takes you to a help page.
  • TT_clipplanes
    • Adjust camera clip planes for different scale
  • TT_ToggleFaceCenters
    • Toggle Face Centers   
  • TT_toggleWireframe
    • Toggles wireframe on and off
  • TT_PolyCube
    • Creates a cube with the pivot at its base
  • TT_PolyCylinder
    • Creates a cylinder with the pivot at its base
  • TT_AveragePosition
    • Flatten verts in any axis.
  • TT_AlignMaster
    • Quick object-to-object alignment.
  • TT_addSets
    • Quick selection set manager. Sets must end in suffix _SET to be considered.
  • TT_ReduceMaterial
    • Reassigns duplicate materials from an imported scene to existing scene materials, and cleans out hypershade.
  • TT_MaterialRenamer
    • Renames materials and respective nodes automatically based on the name of the file assigned to the material's color channel.
  • TT_BreakTransparency
    • Breaks transparency connection on selected materials.
  • TT_KillSpec
    • Kills specular on selected materials.
  • TT_KillNormal
    • Kills Normal map connection on selected materials
  • TT_freshtex
    • Refreshes all scene textures.
  • TT_findMat
    • Selects the material assigned to the selected face, or all materials assigned to the selected object. Prints the number of materials on the object.  Good for determining draw calls per object.
  • TT_MatFaceFinder
    • Select a single face on an object. Run the script. It will select all faces on that object with the same material assignment. Works for multiple faces and multiple objects as well.
  • TT_UVMaster
    • Numerical UV adjustments and interface for common UV tools.
  • TT_UVStraight
    • Straightens UVs. Based off of edge selection. (See TT_Help for instructions)
  • TT_AlignUVShell
    • Select 2 UVs. Rotates the UV shell to be aligned with the edge between the UVs.
  • TT_UVShellToHardEdges
    • Hardens edges of UV Shell borders
  • TT_UVSetToMap1
    • TT_UVSetToMap1 is used to ensure that an objects default UVSet is named "map1".
  • TT_SetCurrentUVSet
    • This script will set the active UV set (the one you want to work on) to the same set for all selected objects. E.g. You want to work on the 2nd UV set (lightmaps) for 10 different objects, and don't want to manually go through each object one-by-one to set the active UV set.
  • TT_RemoveUVSets
    • This will remove all additional uv sets (minus the default set) from selected objects.
  • TT_FlipReversedUVs
    • This will flip only reversed UVs on selected objects. Uv's will not be scaled, rotated, or moved.
  • TT_LightmapUVs
    • Creates lightmap UVs for selected objects
    • Copies the default UV set into the second UV set.
    • Flips any reversed UVs to avoid UV scaling bug (flipped UVs being scaled very small during layout).
    • Removes any additional UV sets.
    • When multiple objects are selected, optionally allows the user to layout UVs individually per object, or layout all objects together into 0 to 1 space.
    • User can choose to layout existing UVs, or generate them from scratch using the default UV set.
  • TT_RingToCylinderProjection
    • Select an edge. Run the script. It will perform a ring selection, convert to faces, and a cylindrical UV projection on those faces.
    • Deletes history and optimizes scene size.
  • TT_ColorMaster
    • Complete control of vertex color and alpha.  Incrementally increase or decrease values across individual or multiple channels. Replace, Add, Subtract, etc.
  • TT_unFrozen
    • Restores translation data to objects with frozen translations.
  • TT_Counter
    • Counts how many objects you have selected.
  • TT_SelOuter
    • Grows selection while deselecting original selection.
  • TT_ReplaceObject
    • Replace multiple objects at the same time while respecting translation, rotation, and scale.
  • TT_RandomRotateScale
    • Randomize the rotation and/or scale on multiple objects. Set min and max thresholds to control randomization.
  • TT_ColorShadedTgle
    • Toggles vertex color shading display
  • TT_SelectNthEdge
    • Select every Nth Edge (For Rings, Loops, Borders, etc).
  • TT_SelectNthFace
    • From a selection of faces, selects every Nth face.
  • TT_PolyDisplayOptions
    • Sets your custom poly display to my display preferences. E.g. Border edges, soft/hard edge display, etc.


TT_PolyTools - 

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