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tweakBlendShape 1.4 for Maya (maya script)

This script allows you to make changes to...

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Last Modified:05/23/2005
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This script allows you to make changes to blendShape meshes, by modifying the geometry on your target object.

Sometimes you may have created a shape, or a combination of shapes, that doesn't look right when you load it into your target mesh and test it. This can mean you have to modify the blendshape node to see your changes updating on your target mesh - this can be very confusing and time consuming - especially if you are tying to fix a problem with mixes that are creating `bad shapes`.

Using a copy of your target mesh - you can make changes to it directly - and the script will apply these changes to the original blendShape.

note: all local cv positions on target and blendshape to modify must be at 000 ( but this is normal )
UPDATE: Ive changed the code so local verts dont` need to be 000 anymore.

1) adjust blendShape sliders to create shape on target mesh.
2) copy target mesh - with no connections - in that pose
3) move verts around to make changes on copied target mesh
4) select the modified copied mesh and press "record tweaks from modified mesh"
5) select the blendShape you want to update with the new tweaks
6) press "apply Tweaks to blendShape node"

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