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Two-Tower Suspension Bridge Generator 0.9.1 for Maya (maya script)

A script that creates bridges based on user input. Units in feet.

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  • 2011


Last Modified:03/10/2011
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WARNING: It has come to my attention that the file with the models included is a Student edition of Maya 2011. Users with Maya 2011 Student Edition will be able to access this file. I will provide a work around soon. 

The script is used to create a bridge that can cover a huge span. Users can control how many lanes, length, different heights, traffic levels and the amount of cables to be created.

Two-Tower Suspension Bridge Generator

How to Use:
This script works for users who have Maya 2011 installed on their machine.
1) Go the scenes folder. Double click on This should open the scene.
2a) Next, open up the Script Editor in Maya. Go to the bottom right corner and find a blue and grey icon that looks like a window.
2b)If the icon is not available, go to the menu bar at the top, click on Window. Go to General Editors | Script Editor. This should open up the window.
3) Next, go back to your explorer and locate the bridgegeneratorv09.mel file. It should be in the BridgeGenScript directory.
4) Simply drag and drop the icon in the folder into the Script Editor window. This should open up the script in the Script Editor.
5) Feel free to adjust the values given.
6) Press Ctrl+A and press Ctrl+Enter to run the script.

7) Any questions? Email me at

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