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UltraPose 1.7 for Maya (maya script)

A full featured PoseLibrarian with these...

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Last Modified:03/24/2003
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A full featured PoseLibrarian with these features:

-external ASCII libraries
-handles joints, fk, ik, controllers in one shot
-apply only part of a saved pose
-skeletal map: keyword object matching system to
allow the application of poses across dissimilarly
named character rigs
-handles missing objects and attrs
-root filters to extend the application
of poses. Example: you can apply poses to a character
without affecting translation
-Full file browser navigation
-Pose-to-pose keyframe assistant buttons
-Import/Export of keyframed animation data in custom file format (not .mov)
-PDF docs
-NEW in 1.7: pose list management menus!

v1.7.1 - fixed export bug

See read me for full feature history. En-freakin-joy!

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