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Universal IK FK Switch and Match Tool 3.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Match poses between IK/FK controls with any Rigg. Define and Store Controls in Node for faster use.

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Last Modified:11/23/2023
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Universal IK FK Switch and Match 3.1 (Free Version)

This script lets you switch and match Poses between IK/FK controls in the animation scene.
Works for Riggs that don't have IK/FK match built in and requires only Standard FK controls and IK Pole Vector Setup.
The Controls are defined once and can be stored in Node for easy re use throughout the animation.

a) Copy the file ( to your Maya scripts directory. On Windows that is Documents/maya/20xx/scripts/

b) Open Maya. In the Script Editor (Python), past the following code:
import pymel.core as pm
import mog_ikFkSwitchFree as mog_ikFkSwitchFree
import imp

c) Hit execute (or Ctrl Enter)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SETUP STORE NODE FOR LIMB MATCHING <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
1. Define Limb to work on
This always needs to be defined bofore loading/storing/switching. Sides are treated seperately

2. Define Ctrls necessary by selecting them and hitting the << button
<< FK1: Upper arm
<< FK2: Lower arm
<< FK3: FK Hand
<< IK Ctrl: IK Hand
<< IK Pole: IK Ellbow pole vector (rig need to have pole vecotr for ik ellbow control)
<< Switch Ctrl: The ctrl that is used to switch between ik and fk mode
<< Switch Attr: The attribute that is dialed to switch.
                It can be highlighted in the channel box and hit <<

3. Define Behavior
>> Knee Bend:   Primary bend axis for the knee/ellbow. Bend the knee/ellbow 90 degree. What axis does it bend?
Knee Bend values for common rigs:
Malcolm(c Animschool): :        +X Armx, -X Legs
Steward(c Animation Mentor):    -Y Arms, +Z Legs
Jack(c Animsquad):              -Y Arms, +X Legs
Norman:                         +Z Arms/Legs
Advanced Skeleton:              -Z Arms/Legs

>> Rotation Offset:
                Some Riggs have different orientations in their IK and FK ctrls and joints.
                This becomes obvious when running 'Match' from fk to ik and seeing a 90 degree offset in the wrist
                Set the offset with that value and run 'Match' again to align them  
Rotation Offsets for common rigs (X,Y,Z):
Malcolm(c Animschool): :        (0, 0, 180) Right Arm/Leg, (0, 180, 0) Left Arm/Leg
Steward(c Animation Mentor):    (180, 0, 0) Right Arm, (-20,-90, 0) Right Leg, (160,-90, 0) Left Leg
Jack(c Animsquad):              (-180, 0, 0) Right Side
Norman:                         (0, -90, -90) Right Arm, (0, 90, -90) Left Arm, (-90,-90,0) Right Leg, (90,-90,0) Left Leg
Advanced Skeleton:               (90,0,175) Right Arm, (-90,0,175) Left Arm

4.Save/Update: Stores the Setup Node for this Limb in the Scene as a Null node

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> UPDATE A EXISTING STORE NODE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
1. Load: Selected a Ctl in viewport, if a Setup Node exists in the Scene, load it into the Setup fields in the UI\
2. Make modifications
3. Save/Update and confirm to overwrite existing Store node

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SWITCH / MATCH <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
1. Select a Ctrl in the viewport and click "Load Store Node from Selections".
    When a Setup Node exists a green bar will light up
2. Match IK >> FK or FK >> IK to match the limb between the modes

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ADDITONAL BUTTONS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Switch IK/FK: Simple switches between IK/FK modes (does not do any matching)
Select all IK or FK ctrls: Select all nodes for this mode as stored in the Seup node

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PRO BUTTONS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Key all IK/FK: Creates a keyframe for all IK/FK Ctrls on current frame
Bake IK/FK Range: Bakes the entire timeline frame range to ik or fk. Leaves source keys clean
Bake IK/FK AllKeys: Bakes all keyframes in the timeline to ik or fk. Leaves source keys clean. Make sure your frame range is set to include all keys you want to bake.

Export Store Nodes: Save all store nodes into .ma/.mb Store File saved in the same location as the scene.
            The file name is the same as the scene + _IKFKSTORE  and located in the same folder as the file
            Already existing store nodes in the scene will be overwritten
Import Store Nodes: Opens file dialogue to select the previously exported Store File

- Pole Vector Control is required and will not run if controlled with attribute
- Works only on Referenced Riggs

Future Improvements/Optimzations planned:
    -   Make script work/not error if there is no polevector
    -   create nodes in Rigg files and look for Referenced Nodes on Load
    -    function on non referenced riggs

// Questions/comments/bugs/issues to

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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