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UV Nudge-It! 3.2.0 for Maya (maya script)

Precisely 'Nudge' UVs using buttons in a floating window...

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  • 2010, 9.x, 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x, 5.x, 4.x

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Last Modified:02/16/2011
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*UPDATE* 2/15/2011  OK, this is the second time this has happened out of my control. Apparently there must have been a Db error at some point, as i just found that the script you get when downloading was version one... um... from 2003... ???  Please accept my apologies for any inconvienences, Ihave once again uploaded the latest version with icons incuded. Lets see if this sticks...  -kp

*UPDATE* 1/13/2009 Some how, the icon files were missing from the last update. They have also been moved into a subfolder of the icon folder, to help keep things more tidy.  -kp

This script allows you to 'nudge'  your UVs either directly on the object or using the UV Texture Editor. Place the script in your /scripts folder and the uvn folder into your /icons folder and then make a button which calls the script:  nudgeIt; . You can select either Faces or UVs and then click one of the directional arrows on the mini floating toolbar. Clicking the curved arrows in the center allows you to rotate UVs.

The default nudge distance is set at 0.1 units. To change the nudge distance, simply type in a new value, remember to hit 'RETURN' key on your keyboard to enter the value, and THEN click the 'Nudge Amount' button to set that value as your current setting. When using the translate arrows, the Nudge value uses your current Maya units setting. When using the rotation arrows, the Nudge value is in degrees.

On the simple side, this script can be useful to separate out parts of a model's UVs. For example, set the Nudge Amount to 1.0, select parts of your UVs, then move them over 1 whole UV unit so they are not piled on top of everything (between 0 and 1).

Bonus:  if you're crafty, I set up the script to have mel function names for each button in the NudgeIt window. You can attach these commands to your keyboard's arrow keys (or whatever keys you want) using Maya's Hotkey Editor so you can nudge UVs with keystrokes for a faster tool.

Ken Proudfoot

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