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UVDeluxe 1.1.2 for Maya (maya script)

UV mapping toolset with UI and intergrated texture window.

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Last Modified:11/30/2014
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UV Deluxe is a collection of UV tools that I have put together because I found these features missing in Maya.
Some of them, like moving UV shells already exist in other scripts, but I wanted to make one toolbox to contain everything I find useful. It has been an ongoing project since the summer of 2010.

After placing the contents of the zip in your scripts folder, start the script using:
from UVDeluxe import uvdeluxe

New in 1.1.2: 
  Automatic texture resolution detection.
  Added option to sample pixel density (copy and paste).
  Temporary selection storage, store a selection of UVs, Faces, Vertices or Vertex Faces (clears on closing the editor)
  Select Shell Border Edges

If you find that UV Deluxe is saving you lots of time and tedius work, then please consider making a donation! :)

Feature Breakdown and how to use

Move selected UV shells whole 1-0 steps or by a custom value. Useful for when baking maps and you want to get those
shells out of the way temporarily without having to struggle with getting them back into the exact place as they were before.

Scaing and Rotation
The main purpose of Scaler is to let you easily half or double the width/height of your shells when texture sizes are non-square.
Scales UV cordinates by 25%, 50% 75% 200% of original size in either U or V direction with simple buttons.

Second tool is "Smart Rotate". I made this because I got tired of not being able to rotate UV shells when they have been scaled to fit a a non-square texture. Now, as long as you set the resolution in the Settings panel, these rotate buttons will keep the aspect-ratio of your shells no matter what degree you rotate by.

This might be the main feature if you are working with video game textures, where pixel density is so important.
This tool will scale your selected shells as close as possible to the desired pixel density. Accuracy depends on how evenly unfolded your shells are, as it calculates by the size avarage. A model with no UV distortion will be scaled with correctly, so you can use a new polyCube or polyPlane for comparisons.

   !! Make sure you tell UVDeluxe what texture size you are working with. If your texture is 2048*1024 for example, set the texture slider to that in the "Settings" panel, then if your shells are scaled to the appropriate aspect ratio for your texture, the Set Ratio button will work.

   !! Also make sure to set Maya to the correct working unit first.  UVD will always show you what unit type you are working with at the very top.

Match UVs
Select the UVs you want to move, and place them roughly as close as you can to the UVs you wish to snap them to.
Will snap to UVs on other objects if they are selected!

Straighten Edges
Straighten edges in a selection of UVs. Tools works by building a list of horizontal and vertical edges, based on an angle tolerance set by you. It treats connected edges as one continious edge, then flattens each each or row of edges, in the orientation you choose.

 If you find that the script misses an edge, or flattens to much, try changing the angle value.
Works best for objects like pipes, and on smaller selections of UV for more predictable results. Experiment!

- There are two tools in this category. Align shells and Smart Rotate.
Align Shells does what you expect, rotate shells to nearest 90 degree angle based on a selection.
It can handle any number of shells at the same time, but you should only have two uvs selected per shell. It won't break if you select more than two, but it might have problems knowing how you want to align them.

- Shell alignment. Just like aligning text in Word, this tool takes all selected UV Shells and alignes them left/right, up/down or to the middle vertically or horizontally. Often allot easier to groups things than using Match UVs.

Quick UV snapshot
I got tired of having to browse every time I wanted to save a uv snapshot. So I added this button to save snapshot to the project folder with one press. Also has the default option to automatically open the file with your default program (probably Photoshop).

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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