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UVDeluxe 1.1.2 for Maya (maya script)

UV mapping toolset with UI and intergrated texture window.

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  • 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

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Last Modified:11/30/2014
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Feature Request

Toggle Texture border request revised

Submitted by:BnTheMan BnTheMan
Pleasse ignore my last request, as I did not tell you which tool I am referring too. Here is the same request but with the tool I am referring too... I love this script. I think it is easier than Nightshade. However, there is one thing that you have removed from the default UV editor and did not replace it in your set of tools or back onto the editor itself. This tool that I am referring to is the Toggle Display Texture Edge Borders. It would be great if you could put this back in, as this was an essential tool that I use when use the Auto Unwrap tool, which is under the UV submenu of Maya Bonus Tools 2016. By default, this tool would turn texture border on while adding your edge cuts, so that you can see where you are placing your texture seams. It is a nice feature to have when making edge borders, but it is eye soaring to look at in the UV editor. By having the toggle texture borders, this eliminates having to keep accessing the poly tool options under the display menu.

Comments on this feature request:

  • Erik Spellerberg

    Erik Spellerberg said over 5 years ago:

    I have not removed anything from the original texture window! Maybe you accidentally collapsed that panel?

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