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V-Ray Tuner for Maya 4.5.2 for Maya (maya script)

An interface to a bunch of V-Ray for Maya controls and useful embedded scripts.

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Last Modified:05/14/2020
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rendering, maya

An interface to a bunch of commonly-used V-Ray for Maya settings and a lot of helpful utilities in one interface. Helps to avoid jumping around to a ton of different places to tweak renders. Works great as a floating companion to the V-Ray framebuffer. Just a note that the Mac version of the V-Ray framebuffer only works with Maya 2011 and V-Ray for Maya 1.0 SP1 and later, so this can't magically make the VFB work with earlier versions. Enjoy and feel free to post feature requests. 

You can see the new features of 2.0 on my blog here (the video just shows the per-light rendering feature):

You can see the new features of 3.0 on my blog here:

Check the version history to see the new features of every point update. If you enjoy this script, maybe consider buying my ebook 101 Autodesk Maya Tips for a low-low $2.99:

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