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Variable Kinematics 1.4.0 for Maya (maya script)

a new technique of joints chain design for Maya

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Last Modified:12/03/2014
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Variable Kinematics – a new technique of joints chain design for Maya
Variable FK is based on the ideas of Jeff Brodsky ( It is great to use if you are creating a rig for a tail, a trunk, a tentacle or a limb for an animated adventure time style movie.Each parametric control is responsible for rotation of the bones in its area of influence.Position control along the chain can be changed. You can also change the falloff of influence.
Variable IK - is based on the ideas of Vladimir Zabelin (CG Event 2012 seminar)It suits perfectly to create rigs for stripes, rags, belts, fire etc.
The tool is available to download free of charge. happy new year 2014. Created by Dmitry Kryukov

just drop this file into your scripts folder or one any path   that's on a python path. then in a Python ScriptEditor Tab :
import rigtools.variableKinematics as vk

Select Nurbs curve and press IK or FK button 

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