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viewport / renderview Batch render script - LITE 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

batch render your scenes through viewport / render window with this ultra basic script.

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Last Modified:08/08/2013
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This is the LITE version of my viewport batch render script.

It features no GUI, and the only options are start and end frame accesible through the 4th, and 5th lines in the code. It is very easy to read and disect, so good for research and building other things.

Your renders will not get "saved" but since maya saves a copy of every frame rendered in the  "images/tmp"  directory of your project, the entire sequence always gets saved regardless.

Output image format will depend on what you have setup in the render settings.

If you would like a more comprehensive version of this script, check out my non-free version:
It's features include: 

-Full gui with dialouge box for chosing output directory.
-Frame padding
-Marquee batch rendering
-frame naming count custom offset (so your image sequence numbers can be different than the maya frames.) 

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