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Voronoi Texture Fracture 0.0.7 for Maya (maya script)

fractures geometry based on image or voronoi shader (SOuP needed)

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  • 2013, 2012

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Last Modified:06/18/2012
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short 1 min video demonstration:

(the workflow for using images as fracture map is pretty much the same. you just need to specify an image in the UI instead of creating a voronoi shader)

Update in v0.0.7:
- fixed a bug that kept the tool from functioning under OSX
(Thanks to "GalvanisedOil" for finding the fix and posting it on the SOuP Forum)

Update in v0.0.6:
- minor bug fixed
- automatic check for SOuP plug-in (link to SOuP site) - (bug reported by CharlieWales is fixed)
  > auto load SOuP if plug-in is found
  > deactivate voronoi fracturing if SOuP is not installed (only image based fracturing available)
- update check in Settings menu (check for new version on creative crash)

Update in v0.0.5:
- added option for adjusting the image resolution of voronoi fracture maps in preferences (before the voronoi shader is used as fracture map it is converted to a file texture. the values entered correspond to the size of this texture.)

Updated in v0.0.4:
- added Settings menu for setting path preferences (since two people ran into an error messsage, when no project was set. script will now test directories before use and if "sourceimages" is not accessible use some place in user dir)
- user can now decide where the temporary fracture maps are stored (choices are: sourceimages folder of current project, sub folder in user dir, or a custom path). choice will be stored & kept even if you restart maya.

Updates in v0.0.3:
- issue with disappearing pieces fixed (now using a custom procedure instead of SOuP's "split mesh by object group". thanks to kazidamui for pointing out this bug and suggesting a possible solution!)
- additional button to extrude selected pieces (for extrusion after re-fracturing fractured pieces. will also take "Center Pivot" checkBox into account)
- changed/improved default color ramp on voronoi shader
- changed default values for "Image File Conversion Options"

If you have any other sugestion or wishes for the next update, just let me know & i'll see  what i can do.

Updates in v0.0.2:
- some bug fixes (naming, cleanup, etc.)
- You can now pick a fractured piece and fracture it again - as long as you didnt extrude!

You will need to have the SOuP plug-in by Peter Shipkov installed and loaded for this script to work.
You can download it at

This script provides a GUI which guides you through the process of image based fracturing.

- create a poly plane & add it to the GUI
- click "Create Voronoi Shader" button OR choose an image as fracture source
- adjust other option as needed
- click "Fracture Geometry"

If you have any questions or requests to the tool, feel free to contact me.
c&c appreciated.
have fun! :)

SOuP element used is "voronoiTexture3D".

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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