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Voxel Grid Generator 4.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Script for generating voxel grid model(Animation Support).

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Use texture ?

Submitted by: Caetano Veyssières Caetano Veyssières
I see in this image you used some colors. Did you create 3 colored spheres and randomly instanced it ?

Would it be possible to apply the texture on the particles like this guy does ?

I know that Maya's built-in renderers can't use per particle color on instances, but 3Delight can and just having the colors on particles would be awesome already.

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  • PhateX

    PhateX said over 8 years ago:

    The image of my demo was achieved only with particle expression. I used a random function to modify particle color and yes, I didn't use instancing coz particle's built-in render type is more efficient. This script doesn't sample color of the reference geo, but I can add it later. In Maya, you can apply texture directly to particle instancing, and you can even apply texture directly to particles via particle sample info node.
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    PhateX said over 8 years ago:

    Although particle instance is different from standard mesh, each element of instance can have different UV. So if you apply UV mapping based on the instance object to the original mesh, you can have each instancing element map to different region of a texture. The particle sample info takes in a particle shape and output bunch of per-particle attributes to a shader or other shading nodes, and then you need to apply the shader to the particle. You can then use a custom per-particle uv attribute to drive a texture mapping node and let each particle sample different part of a texture(It should work, I guess). Duncan Brinsmead had a similar tutorial that he utilized a sample-info node to drive a uv-texture node and created a Mandelbrot effect. Here is an article from official document about particle sample info node:
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    Caetano Veyssières

    Caetano Veyssières said over 8 years ago:

    How do you apply the texture from the original object ? Since there is no emitter, There's no "Inherit color attribute" Where do I plug the particle sampler info ?

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