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Vray Reconnect Shaders to Vray proxy 1.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

Vray Reconnect Shaders to Vray proxy

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  • 2014

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Last Modified:02/28/2016
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Description :  Connects  multiple shaders assigned to a group of objects to an associated vray proxy's assigned mesh material.
So if you have character for example with multiple objects body, clothes, hat etc. And you have generated a vray proxy from this group of objects which have various shaders. This script will connect the shaders to the relevant index slots on the vray proxy mesh material.
This process should work natively anyway on creation of a proxy. This tool is very useful if for some reason the connections have been lost (For example when swapping alembic cache files within the proxy).Or if working on a pipeline where the connection can't be made at the start. 
How to use : You need to have both the model (in a group) with all it's a shaders attached, and the vray proxy with default vray mesh material, loaded in the scene.1) Execute or source the script from script editor.2) Then type the command CS() in the command line/script editor and execute,(or add as a shelf button).2) Select the root node of the group of objects and add to "Object List".3) Select the vray proxy object and add to the destination proxy window. (This will automatically load its assigned vray mesh material)4) Press connect shaders.
Note: If the group of objects and the shapes in the vray proxy objects don't match or are in the wrong order, you may get strange results. History :    version 1.0.1

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