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WarpTool 1.2.1 for Maya (maya script)

WarpTools collection for modelling

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  • 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

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Last Modified:02/22/2019
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WarpTool 1.2 for maya 2014+
ui written in PySide + shiboken


A pack of deformation tools for faster modelling. Every deform can be applied to both of whole mesh and components. Now it has 6 ones: 
New UI supports adding more impending widgets and leaves over simply view.
From version 1.1 ctrl+z is supported!

1. Sphere, Cube, Cylider deform
Lets you convert any mesh or part to sphere, cube or cylinder.
supports next features:
-reverse/backside project
-collision geometry
-ignore vertices by region/custom selection
-post scale
-dynamic radius
-dynamic influence

2. Fan deform
Tool lets you deform geometry like a fan. Select botder axises, center and scale axis and apply new angle between borders. All selected vertices will change position according new angle!
supports next features:
-angle limit
-set/multiply angle
-select scale direction

3. Project deform
Project one mesh or part to another using this tool!
supports next features:
-two directions
-force move
-project by camera

4. Close points deform
Project mesh on other's closest points.
supports next features:
-select object by queue
-select object by distance (the closest, the most far)
-project on mesh, on curve

new in 1.2:
-new UI
-code optimisation
-more features

how to launch:
1. put WarpTool folder to scripts
2. use the next Python code:

import WarpTool
for Maya 2017+
import WarpToolPySide2
Next update is will be merging both on these versions into one.

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