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Water Surface 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Turns you surfaces into a water rippling surface.

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  • 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x

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Last Modified:04/06/2009
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Water Effects
2008 Max Boughen

Turns any object into a water surface. Works best when objects are in a realistic scale. The complexity of the object will be dependent on the subdivision before the effects are applied. The tool can quickly attach a water texture and simulate a fake (and fast rendering) light refraction and reflections caustics.

To Use:

Execute MEL in script editor.

- Press 'Apply' when you have a piece of geometry selected and you have considered the following settings.

- Water Surface Settings

- Water Rigidity
This specifies the rigidity of the water surface.
- Wave Size
Specify the amplitude of the displacement.
- Water Retention
Changes the behavior of water by increasing water retention across surface.
- Movement Speed
Changes the speed of the water movement.

- Water Shader

- Apply Texture Enabled
Will change the texture on the chosen surface to the water shader.
- Reflectivity
Specify the reflection of the water.
- Shine
Changes the specular shine of the surface.
- Max Trans
Using a surface normal node, specify the Maximum translucency of the water surface.
- Min Trans
Using a surface normal node, specify the Minimum translucency of the water surface.

- Fake Caustic Reflection/Refracted Light

- Reflected/Refracted Light Enabled
Turns on the Reflection/Refracted Light.
- Linear Fall Off Enabled
Turns on the linear light fall off.
- Shadows Enabled
Turns on shadows for the fake light sources.
- Light Intensity
Change the light intensity of these fake light sources.
- Cone Angle
Change the cone angle like on a normal spot light of these fake light sources.
- Emission Colour
Change the colour of these fake light sources.
- Shadow Blur
Increase or decrease the the blur of the shadow on these fake light sources.
- Reflected Wave Density
Change the density of the caustic appearance.

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