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Wing Flapping using Utility Nodes 0.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Script to animate Bird Wings

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Last Modified:08/12/2006
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This is a scipt to animate a pair of wings on a bird or anything else that "Flaps". I wrote the script for someone who needed to animate some butterfly wings.

It uses a keyframe generated cycle for main animation which drives each set of wing joints via utility nodes. There are a total of four sets of joints per wing. If not all required then delete a set of wing joints (front joint set should not be deleted as this is the driving set). The left wing is "driven" by the keyframe cycle and utility nodes. The right wing is driven by a set of utility nodes to reverse left wing direction in all 3 axis.

The flap speed can be adjusted using the speed attribute on the roation driver. Also the wings can be set up to give a graduated rotaton to induce wing curvature as wings flap up and down. Level of offset will alter rotaion ditance of wing tips in a curve offset. Also total wing flap can also be adjusted

Any probs let me know.

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