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X-Tools 2.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Powerful Maya Modeling Toolbox

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Last Modified:01/24/2007
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X-Tools is a powerful Toolbox Script designed to open up the power of Maya's Modeling tools and produce a faster workflow. There are 20 icon buttons in two shelf tabs; one for Polys and one for Nurbs.  Each one of the 20 items represents a commonly used tool, and a theme.  The most common tools are accessed by a simple mouse click while related tools can be found on a Pop-Up menu by clicking the Right Mouse Button over the same icon.  Related tool options can be accessed by double clicking on a icon button.  Pop-Up Menus and Double-Clicking options are marked on each icon small with a star or option box respectively, so it's easy to know if has an Icon has additional functions.

Lots of Power

Some of the Icon Buttons combine several functions into one as a time saver.  For example - The Combine Plus Button Combines Polygons into one mesh and also Deletes the History, Merges the Vertices, and Conforms the Normals.  In addition many of the Buttons are context sensitive and will do different, (but related) functions under different situations.  For another example - The Extract Button will extract selected faces from an object into another shape in one step, but will act like an UnGroup or an UnParent if an object is selected that's part of a group.  For a third example - the Split Edge Ring Icon will split a selected Edge in half.  If No Edge is selected, then X-Tools calls the Edge Ring Split Tool for Interactive Splitting.  These context sensitive or Universal tools are marked with a small "U" on the Icon Button.

In addition to all this, X-Tool has it's own collection of power tools that are generally not found in Maya - like Radial Splits and Spinning Edges, and powerful ways of selecting components that are either hidden or not available in the standard User Interface.  There are over 100 functions and Tools available through X-Tools but they have been organized into a compact Interface. 

Custom Interface

Finally, X-Tools has a configurable User Interface.  You can choose to focus on a Particular Toolset or none at all.  X-Tools has its own Custom Shelf to add icons and tools for custom scripts.   You can mix X-Tools with the Current Maya Interface or use it almost exclusive and doing so may make a cleaner workspace.

Why Version 2.1?

X-Tools was originally developed as QuickTools for the Students of Expresion Digital College to build  profesional models quicker.  Go to:    &    htttp://

After version 4.7, I renamed it X-Tools in honor of the school and the students.  For Version 2.0, I expanded the ToolSet to everything I use in my classes.  Version 2.1 covers all the bug fixes.   Future installments will improve the scupt brush tool and add a toolset for rigging.

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