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X-Tools 4.1.4 for Maya (maya script)

A powerful toolbox with quick access many tools

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 9.x, 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x

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  • Linux
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Last Modified:12/02/2012
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modeling, generalist

Introducing X-Tools 4.1.4  (Python) and 3.9.8 (MEL) Shareware Edition

This version addresses window sizing issues with Maya2013 that were prevented the window from display at the correct size.  I've fixed an aperent problem with Maya 2013 ocassionally crashing while try to open the Xtools Prefs file.   The PDF documentation is still upto date, so it has not been changed,  Xtools411.pdf is still valid.

This is release of X-Tools 4.1.3 is focused on compatibility with Maya 2012, although it still works well with previous versions.  The minor exception is Maya 2011, where the User shelf can only display a grid of one row.  There is no fix for this problem in Maya 2011 but X-Tools Maya 2012 works just fine. Version 4.1.1 specifically deal with bug of not supporting 'g' (repeat last command) hotkey.  This problem has been resovled as well as a few minor bugs.


X-Tools is a powerful Tool Box script that not only allows smooth and fast access to Maya's Interface but also includes tools that are not part of Maya's standard tools.


X-Tools Website:

X-Tools has its own website:

It contains more extensive information about X-Tools including training and trips.  The downloads for X-Tools will remain on Creative Crash.  They have been totally supportive and I plan to keep X-Tools here as long as they'll have it.


X-Tools 5

I can't say when X-Tools 5 will arrive.  I only can say that I'm working on it.  Although X-Tools 4 works well, I've learned a lot about Python since I translated from Mel, so it is time for a complete rewrite.  Not will X-Tools 5 be a complete rewrite it will an expanded approach to Art toolboxes.

This Video is a introduction into how X-Tools works and includes a few specific examples. 



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X-Tools Home Page - for Zip and GZIP downloads and complete docs.

Version 4.0.3 add compactibility with Maya 2012. Otherwise its similar to version 4.0.1

Here are some of the New Features added to 4.0:

  • Expanded and Updated Find Command function found in the Help Menu.
  • Center Selection, (in the Center Pivot pop-up menu) now handles shapes as well as components
  • Wireframe can be toggled On or Off during sculpting.
  • Sculpt Tool UI has access to all 6 sculpting reference vectors: Normal, View, First Normal, X, Y, and Z. The sculpt symmetry functions correctly mirror the reference vector if needed. Wireframe can be
  • Delete Half added to Delete History pop-up menu.
  • Extract Half and Duplicate Half added to Extract pop-up menu.
  • Delete Unused Shaders added to New Shader pop-up menu.
  • Separate on Loop added to Select Loop/edge and Extract pop-up menu.
  • Reverse Edge Direction added to Select Loop pop-up menu.
  • Merge to Nearest Vertice added to merge pop-up menu.
  • Select Hard Edge or Soft Edge added to Component Finder, (formerly Special Comp.).
  • Select Edges with faces that have flipped or opposing normals added to Component Finder.
  • Poly Crease Function added to Split Loop pop-up menu.

In Addition there a few new additions to 3.9.7

  • fixed popup menu for split poly tool
  • added toggle UI to toggle all UI elements (found under prefs menu)
  • rearranged sculpt and select and softmod Popup menus PopUp
  • and added command to sync gadget values for radius and max disp.
  • added autoset radius to softmod and paint select
  • added toggle brush shape while painting button to sculpt overlay
  • interactive create shape flags saved in preference for both Polys and Nurbs
  • fixed some missing nurb icons or the create NURB shapes option box

A Complete Description of What's New and Cool 

What is X-Tools?

X-Tools is a toolbox script that offer fast access to the most power Maya tools while adding a few features of its own. The real power of X-Tools comes from the buttons which are context sensitive, meaning they do different, (but related) functions in different selection modes. X-Tools 3.9, features a one window interface and buttons that remember the last selected option.

Other New Features adding since 3.9 include:

  • The User Shelf now has two tabs
  • A General Tool UI
  • improved Align to Selection button (2008 or higher)
  • One Window Interface - everything has been squeezed into one window.
  • Tool Buttons that remember last selected option
  • Improved Sculpt Tool Box
  • New Shape Primitive Button
  • Context Sensitive Combine/Mirror Button
  • A Component Finder capable of selecting many types of geometry.


Installing X-Tools is simple. X-Tools comes with own Installation file. Just unpack the download to the desktop, start Maya, then open the filed called that's inside the X-Tools install folder. It will do all the necessary installation and ask you to restart Maya at the end.


X-Tools has also gone through some extensive bug testing. This version was tested on all 3 platforms and versions 7.0 to 2009.  This version is pretty solid.  A few of the new functions will not work in Maya version 7.0 - sorry.  The start-up window display is little "off" on Mac or Linux.
X-Tools 5 will be a complete rewrite that will make it more flexible and modularized.  Look for it to have every more tool in the standard familar layout.

Enjoy and Thanks

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
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