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X-Tools 4.1.4 for Maya (maya script)

A powerful toolbox with quick access many tools

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 9.x, 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:12/02/2012
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modeling, generalist

Version History

4.0.3 Compactible with Maya 2012

3.9.8 - 4.0

4.0.1  Written in Python Please Read X-Tools What's New and Cool


fixed popup menu for split poly tool.
added toggle UI to toggle all UI elements (found under prefs menu).
rearranged sculpt and select and softmod Popup menus PopUp .
and added command to sync gadget values for radius and max disp.
added autoset radius to softmod and paint select.
added toggle brush shape while painting button to sculpt overlay.
interactive create shape flags saved in preference for both Polys and Nurbs.
fixed some missing nurb icons or the create NURB shapes option box.


I made a small release to fix few minor bugs in  Version 3.9.5.   Spacing Options has been replaced with Grow Loop on the Select Loop pop-up menu, (if you are using Maya 8.5 or higher).  Edge Pattern has made Spacing Options obsolete.
Additional changes for 3.9.6 include:
Expanded and updated Find Command System available in the Help Menu.
Center Selection, (in the Center Pivot pop-up menu) now works for objects as well as components.
Toggle Wireframe Display Button now available in the Sculpt Tool UI.


This version adds a lot of new functions and completes the pop-up menus for General tools - formerly known as the TD Tools.

New Features

  • Sculpt Tool UI has access to all 6 sculpting reference vectors: Normal, View, First Normal, X, Y, and Z. The sculpt symmetry functions correctly mirror the reference vector if needed. Wireframe can be toggled On or Off during sculpting.
  • Delete Half added to Delete History pop-up menu.
  • Extract Half and Duplicate Half added to Extract pop-up menu.
  • Delete Unused Shaders added to New Shader pop-up menu.
  • Separate on Loop added to Select Loop/edge and Extract pop-up menu.
  • Reverse Edge Direction added to Select Loop pop-up menu.
  • Merge to Nearest Vertice added to merge pop-up menu.
  • Select Hard Edge or Soft Edge added to Component Finder, (formerly Special Comp.).
  • Select Edges with faces that have flipped or opposing normals added to Component Finder.
  • Poly Crease Function added to Split Loop pop-up menu.
  • Select Pattern Function now added to Select Loop pop-up menu. Works identical to Select Loop Path with two edges selected except selects pattern instead.
  • guipy, uvhero added to Tools Menu (Formely known as Shelf Menu)

Other changes

  • Web Browser links to: X-Tools on Highend 3D, X-Tools Home and X-Tool training can be found on the help menu. (X-Tools Videos coming soon).
  • Special Components area now known as Component Finder.
  • AutoResize and Contraintrain Disp, and 1:1 Brush Button have been converted to Pop-Up Menus. Right Click on the Brush Radius or Brush Disp. fields in the sculpt UI to see these controls.
  • Merge Options now also available on Merge pop-up menu.
  • Help Mode now displays text in the script editor instead of a separate window.
  • Find Command now displays a list features in the X-Tools window.
  • Insert Loop Options have been added to the Insert Loop pop-up menu.
  • Create Interactive shape setting added to the Pref menu.
  • TD Tools are now know as General Tools.
  • The "Shelfs" menu now known as Tools, (briefly know as Shelf in version 3.9.1)
  • Mirror Duplicate properly reverses Normals of Polygons, NURBS and Sub-Divs.

Bug Fixes:

  • Choosing General (TD) Tools no longer toggle Local Axis to Display.
  • Mirror Duplicate now displays copied shape in object mode instead of component mode.
  • Double Clicking the Insert Loop Button now opens up the option window.


This version has a couple of Bug Fixes related to the Insert Loop Button.
       The Option Displays without error - Thanks bradon
       The script handles multi edge insert loop correctly - Thanks Melissa F.

I\\\\\\\'ve also added a second User Shelf and the TD Shelf finally arrived
The Mel-O-Matic has returned and has been added to the new X+ Menu
The Align to Selection button now toggles between World and Normal Average Mode for 2008 or higher
The version introduces a startup window which displays a progress bar while loading or restarting


This version features a one window interface and tool buttons that remember the last tool used.


This version addresses an issue specifically for 2008. Because 2008 is a none standard version number, several features available since Maya 8 and 8.5 were ghosted out.

3.8 Shareware Edition

X-Tools interface has been completely rewritten allow for a cleaner interface and better portability between versions and platforms. This version is compatible with Maya 2000. It has been tested on Linux 8.5 and 2008, Windows 7.0, 7.1, 8.5 and 2008 and Mac 8.5.

3.7 revision

The Interface has been simplified a great deal and all code that accesses the Maya Menus has been changed. The menu names have been changing recently and this was the cause of the majority of the bugs. This version has been tested with: Windows 7.0,7.1,8.5 Mac Os 8.0, 8.5 and Linux 8.5. X-Tools also looks works fine with Maya 2008 on Linux but I haven\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t had time to do a complete test.

3.6.4 Bug Fix

A refix of Bug Fix 3.6.1 - Maya 7.0.1 users were getting error message "
Cannot find procedure "PolygonsBuildMenu". This one slipped through again.

3.6.3 Bug Fix

1: The Custom Face Window (Under the Select Face Pop-up menu) was crashing when user clicked on icons. Converting Shelf buttons back to Image Text Buttons has fixed the problem.

3.6.2 Bug Fix

One bug:

1: Contents of User Shelf were not been when the prefs changed. This bug is related to getting an error message if X-tools was shutdown while while the user shelf was open. These bugs have been fixed but there is no way to save the contents of the shelf once X-Tools has been closed. As with most things, It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s best to save, (Save Shelf).

3.6.1 Bug Fix

Two bugs:

1: Version 3.6.0 had a "TD Tools Only" option in the Prefs Menu. This function slipped in from the upcoming version 4.0 and will cause X-Tools 3.6 to be unusable. The TD Tools will be added in version 4.0 and the menu option has been removed from version 3.6 If have selected TD Tools Only by mistake, delete the file "xTool_UserPrefs.mel" from the default script directory and then restart X-Tools. Deleting the Prefs file will return X-Tools to a default state.

2: Running 3.6 on Maya 7.01 would cause a Mel Error: "Cannot find procedure "PolygonsBuildMenu"! ". This error was related to the fact that many menus have changed from 7.x to 8.x. Without going to details, I have fixed the error. X-Tools is now compatible with Maya 7.0, 7.01, and 8.0-8.5.

Maya 6.x Compatibility

X-Tools3 will run on Maya 6.0 and about the 90% of the tools are function but some important function don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t including, Loop/Ring/Border Selection, Align to Component, Merge to Center, and the Custom Face Selection will cause a crash. Most of the incompatibility lies in fact that X-Tools 3.6 relies on Mel Functions that weren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t available in Maya 6.0. I could add functions to make it work with Maya 6.0, but it would take away from further development in other areas. For now X-Tools can be manually installed for Maya 6.0, but I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m not planning to release an official version especially for Maya 6. Of course this could change if there is a demand.