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xpm2008 2.6.6 for Maya (maya script)

xpm for 8.5 and 2008 , 2009

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  • 2009, 2008, 8.x

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Last Modified:06/28/2009
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/*This script was written in my spare time at home ( not written in the company)
' MELScript Source File -- Created with Mapy
' NAME: xpm2008
' AUTHOR: oglop, han jiang , the man who really hates max
' DATE : 5/26/2008
' EMAIL : in the script

' COMMENT: there was a xpm for maya 7.0 or lower, but maya 8.5 sp1 and 2008 ext2 comes with more xpm icons, so i wrote this.I used restorator to extract all the xpm files from the mayaRes.dll. and then get the file name list.i ignored some big banners since they r never used as an icon.It's a little bit slow, it'll build all the icons in 30 seconds. but u can
press esc to cancel the process.

Usage: put it in ur script directory, restart maya, and
run xpm2008(1,{});to use mode 1, (mode 1 is the preferred mode )
or run xpm2008(0,{}); to use mode 0 ( this is a test mode)

now you can MMB drag the icons to shelfButton, it'll replace the old icon. if you changed shelf tab, then you'll need to hit reset button, or relaunch my script or there won't be dropCallback script attached to the icons, and also you can CTRL+MMB drag in any direction, just a little bit,and let go, the icon will be added to current shelf

it'll show the icon name if u press the symbol button, and hover ur mouse over the icon will also do the trick.


check version history for what's new

07/04/2009 now support linux version maya 2008
16/04/2009 holysh*t , i spend long hours trying to fix the crash, but only to found out after several hours that it is because of the progress windows which make the shit crashing, there are 16xx elements in the array, if you update the progress window with every file name, maya will crash, ....

added two mode to search for icons.
for some reason, the icon refreshing is very fast under linux, maybe linux cached all the #$%@ resources?
under windows , it took me the same time if you refresh the ui, under linux the 2nd time it'll be lighting fast

still don't know why maya crashes if one doesn't find a match icon. tested , it's not because of the fancy progress window
yes progress windows is fancy, but it's slow to update it very often, so i removed the file name display , now the icons show much faster.took 12 sec on my linux box. 8 gig ram, 2 dual-core amd opteron 2218 , the following refreshing took 2 sec
haven't tested it under windows

another issue, i don't know why if i call xpm2008(1,{}); via the changeCommand of the field , maya will crash.
but the same command gets run through the reset button is fine.

i was planning to refresh the ui if the textfield is empty, as mentioned above, i have to disable this for now, until i found a way to workaround it.

weird things:
if you switch workspace under linux, then the drag icon to shelf function won't work unless you restart maya
here i'm using SUSE linux and gnome, i don't know why. but if you stick to only one workspace , then everything is fine



2.5 add support for linux maya 2008

2.6 add drop and drop, search function

2.6.2 added some icon under linux

2.6.3 some fix

2.6.4 fixed display issue under windows, added maya 2009 icons

2.6.5 sorry i forgot to comment out the last line, it's used for testing , or it'll crash maya because of the infinite loop

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