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zooCST - character setup toolkit 4.6.9 for Maya (maya script)

character setup toolkit - automated rigging script

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  • 2008, 8.x, 7.x

Operating Systems

  • Irix
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:02/14/2008
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NEW - features a new IK spine type, new interface for building dynamic parenting for your own rigs, as well as a bunch of other useful tools available through the menus - this package is now the zooToolbox. To load zooCST, simply run zooCST after copying all the scripts into the maya script dir.

zooCST - is my character setup toolkit. It's a very modular rigging script, which means that you can use the script in conjunction with your own rig.

  • easy to use and requires little input
  • comes with an example character
  • ik/fk switching arms and legs, with seamless swapping
  • seamlessly attach arms and legs to various parts of the body
  • change attachment at anytime while preserving pose
  • auto-stretch arms and legs
  • manual stretch arms and legs
  • automatic support for multi-limbed characters
  • multiple spine types, including reversible FK and stretchy IK
  • multiple knee setup options
  • user specifiable control icons, and support for both curve and poly controls
  • works with any number of bicep/thigh/wrist/ankle twist joints
  • automatically rebuild rig primitives when new script versions are released
  • can be completely driven via command-line
  • automatically split your skinned mesh into proxy objects for fast interaction
  • tools to help you integrate dynamic parenting into your own rigs
  • comes with heaps of rigging util procs such as zooCSTUpVector - to determine object's up vectors, zooCSTUtilsCreateSpaceSwitch - to easily and quickly create dynamic parenting, and zooMatchNames - which is a name matching script.

the power of zooCST comes from its modularity. The UI that comes with zooCST can easily be changed, as the actual rigging scripts are in no way tied to the UI.

Writing new rig primitive (a zooCST rig is built up using "rig primitives") scripts are easy to do using the collection of "helper" scripts that come with zooCST. Read the technical documentation for more information on how zooCST works, and look over the primitive creation scripts.

for the latest info on zooCST, check out


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