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zooXferAnim - animation transfer utility 4.6.9 for Maya (maya script)

animation transfer utility - copying, tracing etc.

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  • 2008, 8.x, 7.x

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Last Modified:02/14/2008
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zooXferAnim is a suite of animation transfer tools - this package is now the zooToolbox. To load xferAnim, simply run zooXferAnim after copying all the scripts into the maya script dir.
  • transfer animation between characters using one of the following methods: duplicate, instance, append, world space trace
  • quickloader button for easy pose saving and loading
  • automatic source-target name matching
  • completely user defined source-target mapping
  • world space object tracing for animation re-mapping
  • import/export animation or single poses to/from a file
  • world space importing/exporting of animation
  • plug-in able name matching algorithm

Basically it works like this. Select your source objects, load them into the UI. Select your target objects and load them in. Now change the object to object mapping to whatever you need.

Its main use is for transferring animation between similar characters (using trace you can copy animation between non-identical rigs), or from older rigs to newer rigs. It also allows export/import of animation to/from a file which allows it to be used as the basis for an animation library. All core functionality is UI independent, so integrating the animation transfer capabilities into an animation library tool is reasonably painless.

The world space trace is cool for matching poses. For example, just say u have this great pose for the character in a previous file. Reference the old file, load its controls into the source pane, load the target, scrub to the pose u want copied (orient the source character however you want), and turn on world space tracing. done. its a lot easier than using pose copying scripts as its alot more visual, plus you can orient the source character using its global controls.

for version changes, check out the help->about menu.


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