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zwCustomHeadupDisplay 0.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

custome headup display for maya 8.5

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Last Modified:07/29/2009
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This script adds serveral useful headup display (HUD) information when you playblast, it helps when you view your playblast avi , or when your supervisor check your dalli. The package contains two scripts, performplayblast will override the default one comes with maya, and zwCustomHeadsupDisplay.mel contains the code to add the custom HUD

just extract the two mel scripts into any maya_script_path directory, and restart maya
it's for maya 8.5 sp1

the script was written by HuangZhongwei @ 31F Shenzhen, but it's for maya 7.0, on maya 8.5 it'll crash maya.
I modified it a little bit and deleted lots of redundant code.

cameraName                                             userName                                                                                 Time

                                                                    Playblast view

frame counter(1 based)                                  current frame counter/sequence length             Resolution
actual start frame                                              actual end frame                                             Sequence length

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