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animating dolphin with animation deformers-*VIDEO*
animating dolphin with animation deformers-*VIDEO*
aviad van-prach, updated 2009-09-25 23:06:03 UTC 31,125 views  Rating:
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in this tutorial i will teach you easily ,how to creat the realistic animation for a dolphin 3d shape that you have.
for this tutorial you will need to have a 3d shape of a dolphine

we gona use a sine deformers to creat this kind of a loop animation for the dolphine ,and allso ill show you how to creat another animation for the group of the dolphin and the sine deformer group and with that we gona get in the end an animation of a dolphine dancing a breakdance.

thanks for watching and ill be very happy to get a commet from you

my name is aviad van-prach from israel
working with maya since 2001
now working in a company that creat military simulators from scrach, i do all the 3d (creating 3d models with very  very low poly count (for exsample : f-18 limeted for only 800 triangles.) and 2d ,and allso creat all the geo mapping (creat and put countrys and land inside the computer in 3d ,includ all the environment like trees,rivers,houses,dynamic sky and clouds,mountains,industrial zones,ext...)

Aviad Van-Prach