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How to animate a jumping ball with deformers
How to animate a jumping ball with deformers
Gabriel Gumucio, added 2013-01-30 05:13:09 UTC 23,780 views  Rating:
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Animation excercise “Ball jumps over wall”
Gabriel Gumucio, 2013-01-30

If you wish to read this tutorial in PDF form or download scene files, visit > Tutorials

First of all, let’s set up our scene.


  1. Create a Plane as the ground floor of our scene.


  1. Scale to the appropiate size

Press r to enable the Scale Tool

  1. Create a ball (Sphere) which will act as our character


  1. Move the ball up, so it is resting on the Plane
    Select the ball and enter 1 in “Translate Y” (Channel Box)
  2. Move the ball a bit in the Z direction
    Press w to access the Translate Tool, Z-axis is the blue arrow. About 5 units. (see value in “Translate Z”, Channel Box)
  3. Create a Cube (Cube) which will be the obstacle.
  4. Scale to the appropiate shape
    Using the Scale and Move tools (r & w), shape the cube into a wall
  5. Adapt the Timeline to extend over a longer period of time.
    In the screens lower part to the right, you’ll see the value
    24, raise that to 60. This is the new length of the Timeline. If you press Play now, you’ll see the Playhead move over the Timeline.
  6. Activate Auto Keyframe. Click on the keyhole in the lower right corner, and new keyframes will be set automatically every time you change a parameter (Attribute in Maya).

 The scene is set!

Let’s animate the ball.