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How to animate a jumping ball with deformers
How to animate a jumping ball with deformers
Gabriel Gumucio, added 2013-01-30 05:13:09 UTC 23,783 views  Rating:
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Part 1.


  1. Verify that the Playhead is at the beginning of the Timeline and select the ball (pSphere1).
  2. Press s to set a keyframe on all attributes.
  3. Move the Playhead to 50. Move the ball to its final destination on the other side of the obstacle (about -5). If you press Play you’ll see the ball travelling over the plane.
  4. Select the bounce points. With the ball selected, set keyframes (with s) on frames 10, 21, 37 and 48. The ball will bounce on these frames.
  5. Make the ball jump. Go to frame 16 and move the ball in Y-axis (green arrow) to about 3. Repeat at frame 28 (but higher on Y) and 42. Ensure that the ball manages to pass above the obstacle. 
  6. Soft bounces = ugly. Make them hard! With the ball selected, open the Graph Editor: Window>Animation Editors>Graph Editor.
    Select Translate Y from the list on the left.
    Press F to frame the curve in the view.
    Select the lowest keyframe (with value 1) and click the Linear icon (see figure below)
  7. Make the first and the last jump shorter and the middle jump longer. Click on Translate Z. Move (by pressing w) the second and third keyframe up and down, respectively. (see figure below)
  8. Make the speed change abruptly with the bounces. Select the entire curve and click the Linear icon. (encircled in the figure below)
  9. You have a bouncing ball. Minimize the Graph Editor and press Play to see the animation..