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How to create a simple crowd
How to create a simple crowd
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To execute this tutorial you must download and install CrowdMaker 0.5 (or higher).

You can download the file here
The "CrowdMaker 0.5.rar" contains some scripts, a text file with an installation guide and sample scenes.
On the next pages you can see the procedure to create a scene and the avaible functions to control the scripts. We limit the simulation to only 15 particles, the script work with a maximum of 1000 (visible in the next image).

Before beginning make sure to have a simple 3D model of a human and some animation clips.
You can find on the web many pages that provides free Motion Capture material


We will create the scene shown in the following image, there are 15 particles and three obstacles of various dimension. The locator on the right of the image is the target, the particles follows this target.
The particles interact with each other and with the object in the scene, the interaction
with the object simulates the obstacle avoidance and prevent the collision.

click for larger version

Before beginning, open Window/ Settings/Preferences/ Preferences and set on the categories Settings/ Working Units the attribute Linear to centimeter!
Create a group of 15 particles with the command Particles/Particle Tool.
Choose the spheres rappresentation on the attribute "Render Type".
In the next page we change the spheres rappresentation to point before to apply the instance with the human model.

click for larger version

Create a locator (Create/Locator) and put it on the right side of your scene.
After that you apply the script, the particle follows the locator like a target.
Insert some Key Frame to the locator to obtain more complex movement, in the next image you can see the animation path.

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