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Seamless IKFK Arm Setup
Seamless IKFK Arm Setup
sean_nolan, updated 2008-11-17 09:00:22 UTC 46,025 views  Rating:
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IK FK Arm Setup Tutorial

  • A 45 min comprehensive tutorial on how to setup an ik/fk arm
  • How to avoid some pit falls with building an ik fk setup
  • Building simple animation controls
  • Simple blending without constraints and using the power of utility nodes
  • How to build a seamless switching script that is BUILT IN THE RIG
  • Script will work with referencing and make it so the arm will NEVER pop or float between modes

I am including the final file (Should work with Maya 7.0, let me know if it does not) and the code used for making the ik fk switch.

Note: You must have zooToolBox installed and the scripts installed in the correct directory. This process is explained in the video.