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Create a stunning Text effect using Maya ncloth.
Create a stunning Text effect using Maya ncloth.
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1. Create a text using text tool in Maya with poly options selected(counts 100 and quad options selected).

2. Delete the history and the output curves.

3. Now assign a shader and texture it.

4. Center pivot the whole group and individual polys.

5. Move the text above the grid plane.

6. Freeze transform the group.

7. Now go to ndynamics menu and apply ncloth to the individual letters.(simply drag them in view port and assign the ncloth).

8. Right click on the time liner and select “play every frame-maximum real-time” option.

9. Play the animation.

10. Now the texts freely falls. To get a collision ground simply turn on the “use grid plane” in the nucleus attribute.

11. Now play the stimulation. You will get a nice effect. To add little bit movement simply turn on wind in nucleus attribute and change the axis to Z.

12. Optionally select all the ncloth and add a turbulence field with attenuation zero.

13. Play again.

14. Now we need the splittable mesh. So simply select all the text and add a tear-able constraint from ndynamics menu. Select the dynamic constrain and set the glue strength to zero.

15. Play again. Now you get the pretty text effect.

16. Simple select all the text and create a ncache up to 100 frames with “cache each geometry and perframe attributes selected.

17. Now is the trick.

18. Select the text and go to polygon menu and give an extrude.

Hooray.....You get the nice text effect.