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How to model a screwdriver and render it with mental ray
How to model a screwdriver and render it with mental ray
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This is a basic modelling tutorial that will teach you how to make a screw-driver and render it with FG (Final Gather) With global illumination, HDRI (High dynamic ranged imagery) And DoF (Depth of field, optional).

Let us begin shall we, open Maya, and go to the modelling section. Now create a polygon cylinder on it's X axis, with 30 subdivisions around axis, 5 subdivisions along height, and 32 subdivisions on it's caps.

Now take your scale tool and scale the cylinder out on it's X axis a bit, like in the image.

Go into vertex mode, go at a side view of the cylinder, select the two middle spans.

And scale it using the middle scale button to make them smaller, and then select the span closest to the end of -X half of the cylinder and move it close to the end spans

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Now select the end spans on the -X end and move them closer to it's nearest span

Select the 4'th span and scale it with the middle scale button to make it a bit larger, then move it closer to the 3'rd span on the -X end.

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Select the two end spans, and scale them on their X axis, then move it to the -X direction.

Ok, we're pretty much done with it's basic shape, we'll need to boolean some sphere's into this, let's create a sphere with 30 subdivisions around it's axis, and 30 subdivisions along it's height on it's Y axis