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IES light profile in Maya
IES light profile in Maya
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Hi Amigos,

             This tutorial is about IES profiles use in Mental Ray. Before getting into usage of IES profiles in Maya, we will try to know what is IES profile.

             IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. IES profile are file formats which store photometric data of real lights. You can download these light profiles from light manufacturing websites in .ies format. Here is an example if ies profile of light.


To start with, I have setup a simple scene in Maya. I Just created a Plane Vertical as wall. And I created a point light and placed near wall.


Selected the point light and In mental Ray, click at Light profile to assign shader.


It will take you to MentalRay light profile node. Just browse your desired IES profile to it.


Modify Lights intensity and color and render it.


Very simple to execute and its great help.