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Fluid Caustic Volume Shader Setup for Maya 2014
Fluid Caustic Volume Shader Setup for Maya 2014
david allen, updated 2015-02-05 07:41:23 UTC 58,738 views  Rating:
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12. Experiments

One of the more fun parts about making this tutorial was messing around with other settings to see what effects they have. Some of the thoughts I had: what happens when you...

  • Turn off refraction on “waterSurface_blinn1”?

  • Make water completely flat?

  • Reduce “Scatter” to turn off volume caustics altogether?

    • There’s something serene about clean reflection and refraction caustics without any volume effects

    • Might be an aesthetic worth pursuing

  • Set “Translucence” of “waterSurface_blinn1” to “0.250”?

  • Add Chromatic Aberration?

  • Use transmats all around?

  • No Transmats?

  • Reverse the normals on the photon boundary cube?

There seem to be ENDLESS ways to make stylized effects like these that aren't quite "realistic" caustics. Enjoy!