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How to create a Wet Shader in Maya
How to create a Wet Shader in Maya
sdb1987, updated 2005-09-13 00:45:58 UTC 114,694 views  Rating:
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created this tutorial because manypeople in computergraphics fret greatly trying to make a wet looking shader. I also doit with a fast rendering shader that is easy and fast to set up,and doesn'tuse any plugins. It also doesn't hinder rendering speedlikea layeredshader can. Let's start.

I personally prefer to use the Hypeshadewindow so all of these images will refer to that. If you use the multi-lister the workflow will be slightly different but the connections are all the same.

Step 1. The base Shader

We'll start by creating a sphere and a regular Blinn shader.
Also create two distant lights and positionthem as you like to lightthe scene for render previewing.

click for larger version

basic scene setup.
Create a Blinn Shader and assignit to the sphere.
Set the Eccentricity to 0.500
Set the Specular Roll Off to 0.320

These settings will give us a nice broad specular highlighton the base shader. Now we create a 2D Fractal texture to add colortothe base shader.

click for larger version

blinn shader next to rendered scene.

the image now and you will notice one problem. As the phongEgets the Blinn's specular and color output directly, it also gets the blinn'sshaded area as well as its own shading. What is happening technicallyis the darkness values for both the blin and the phongE are being multipliedinternally, thus resulting in nearly the same light value, but excessivlydark shadow values. You will notice this pointed out in the pictureat right See how the new connected phong's shadow area is much darkerthan the original blinn's used to be. We will fix this on the nextpage.

click for larger version

phongE's color mapped with blinn's outColor attribute.

notice the overly dark areas of the phongE mapped with the blinn outColor