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Underwater lighting - parti_volume
Underwater lighting - parti_volume
callum ridley, updated 2010-07-18 01:12:33 UTC 199,261 views  Rating:
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Part 2 - Water Setup

In this section we will be dealing with setting up the water surface which will provide the medium for which the light will pass through to create the Caustics and volumetric lighting effect. in this section we will just be setting up the surface of the water in a later section we will deal with the "parti_volume" node which does most of the work.

1. Create a new "dielectric_material" by selecting and Right Clicking on the "waterSurface" polygon plane and choosing "Assign New Material" from the menu. You'll find the "dielectric_material" in the Mental Ray nodes in the window that has popped up..

2. Open up the shading group for the "dielectric_material" by clicking on the "go to output connections" output_connections button in the attribute editor

3. Click the chequered box next to "Displacement mat." and select the "Ocean" texture from the "2D Textures" Category. the attributes for the texture should now show up.

4. Use the settings as shown in the image below. See figure 2.1

figure 2.1

5. If you want to animate the ocean attribute then Right Click on the "Time" attribute of the ocean and select "Create new expression" and type the following in to the MEL Expression area at the bottom:

ocean1.time = time/2;

Thats it for the water surface. On the next page we will be dealing with the Spot Light Attributes...