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VRay For Maya - Blend Material
VRay For Maya - Blend Material
hittepanamn, updated 2009-09-18 20:45:56 UTC 37,450 views  Rating:
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This tutorial will briefly look into Vray For Mayas Blend Material “VRay Blend MTL.” It is very useful when you need to add for exemple a text on materials and still keep the base materials properties, or when you have to use textures in layers.

So for this tutorial we will create something like this.

This is a sphere with a white base shader,a red reflective shader that coats the base shader and a simple JPEG-file that mask out the word "Vray"

For this we need, one base material, one material that will represent the color of the text and one node that uses the text as an mask, to cut it out from or second material.

The shading network looks like this.

Ok, so how do we achive this, easy.

First create 2 materials, one base and one coat like in the picture above, then create a "VRay Blend MTL" it is found here.

Then add the base material to the "Base Material" slot and the coat material to the "Coat Material 0" slot. In the Blend Material slot add the file texture, in my case the Vray jpeg file. "So in steps, hit the checker thing, add a file, add your file"

Then its done, I think this works similar to the JS-material or Mix8-layers.