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BleachBypass 1.0.0 for Nuke

Simulates the BleachBypass development process

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Last Modified:06/22/2009
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What do you do when you get the note Put some stank on it? Well one option is to simulate a Bleach Bypass on your shot.

Not know what Bleach Bypass actually is? Well the short version is its cool and youve seen it used in a ton of films and commercials. The long version is that its an development process which skips the bleaching function during film processing. This technique leaves the silver in the film emulsion along with the original color. The end effect usually has reduced saturation as well as increased contrast.

This gizmo gives you complete control over the end effect. So you can push it either to the extreme, or just give it a subtle hint. Its very light weight too, so your overall comp will maintain its speed and responsiveness.

Give it a try!

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