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Retro 0.4.0 for Nuke

simulates 2 and 3 stripe technicolor process

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Last Modified:02/03/2010
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Retro! simulates 2 and 3 color strip processes from the early days of color film.

Retro! is really just a Nuke port of the fantastic 'Oldify' for shake by BrainFaucet.
Chromatic Aberration effect borrowed from Donald Strubler's st.Rub's akromatism

From original 'Oldify' description;
This macro attempts to make footage look like it
was shot with older film processes.
This is based on the technicolor work done for Aviator though
it transformed into a much more
empirically based approach and less of a
technical approach.

There is the 3 color process as well as a 2 color
process. A ColorMixer property mixes between
these two processes. This mixing isn't based
on anything but does give some rather good
looks. There is also yellow dye and black level

hope you like it, comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome,

- julian van mil

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