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alEarth 1.3.2 for Nuke

Gizmo for creating realistic earth render

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Last Modified:07/01/2013
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earth, leiker


Hey folks. This is my first gizmo and very likely it will have a lot of bugs, so don't be afraid to report them to me :-)
Tested only on Windows 7 x64 and Nuke 7.

This gizmo creates a realistic rendering of a planet. Very easy set up. Plug the textures into the inputs, then a render cam, a light source (directional light reccomended) and an axis to move the planet around in 3D space. For each texture there are two inputs, one for the low res texture and one for the high res texture. You can enable/disable the high res texture, saves rendering time for previews or something else.

Textures for low/high resolutions are included in this file:


  • Full 3D 
  • Reacts on external light sources
  • Realistic atmoshere
  • Fully scaleable -> parameters adjust themselve automatically to the scale, no need to update each seperately
  • Rotate it and move it around in 3D space
  • Huge amount of adjustments
  • Animated city lights option
  • Moving clouds option
  • Toggle between low/high resolution textures 
  • Each layer additionally in seperate channel for seperate editing (option for disabled lighting in channel renderings)


  • planetLowRes: Low resolution planet texture.
  • planetHighRes: High resolution planet texture.
  • cityLightsLowRes: Low resolution city lights texture.
  • cityLightstHighRes: High resolution city lights texture.
  • cloudsLowRes: Low resolution cloud texture.
  • cloudsHighRes: High resolution cloud texture.
  • light: Input for a light, directional light recommended.
  • cam: Input for your render camera.
  • moveAxis: Input for axis node to position the planet.



  • Render city lights: Enable/Disable rendering of the city light layer.
  • Render clouds: Enable/Disable rendering of the cloud layer.
  • Use high resolution textures: Toggle between the low and high resolution textures plugged into the gizmo.Scale: Scale the planet. Every parameter automatically adjusts to the scale.

General lighting:

  • Night intensity: Controls the darkness of the dark side of the planet. Increase the value tobright things up.

City lights:

  • Animated lights: Enable this for light flickering based on an animated noise pattern.
  • Flicker speed: This value controls the speed of the noise for the light flickering.
  • Light transpareny: Transparency of the lights.
  • Lacunarity: Lacunarity of the noise pattern. (Default 1)
  • Gain: Gain of the noise pattern. (Default 0.85)
  • Gamma: Gamma of the noise pattern. (Default 0.735)


  • Animated clouds: Enable/Disable movement of the clouds.
  • Rotation: Speed for the movement, needs to be animated. (working on an update)Cloud transparency: Transparency of the cloud layer.


  • Atmosphere color: Color of the atmosphere.Atmosphere saturation: Saturation of the atmosphere.
  • Outline feather: Amount of bluring the shine around the planet.Outline intensity: Brightness of the shine around the planet.


Disable lighting on seperate channels: Enable/Disable light effect on seperate channel outputs.

    Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
    Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
    Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
    Please rate and review in the Review section.

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