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XSI-->Nuke 2.1.0 for Nuke (nuke plugin)

Run Nuke from Softimage and transfer passes and cameras

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Last Modified:12/11/2010
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How it works:
- If you don't select anything and run the plugin it will run Nuke from Softimage and transfer all of the cameras and passes or if you want to get specific pass or camera you just select it.

-There is also an option to update and overwrite the ."nk" file without runing Nuke.Keep in mind that the .nk file exported from the plugin is meant to be temporary.After you export the scene to Nuke you have to save it as a different file name .Tthan if you want to add more stuff to your comp just have to run tim_XSItoNuke_Update and import it to the Nuke comp.

Please make sure that the first thing you do after installation is to restart XSI so custom preferences are updated, than you go to XSI preferences >Custom>tim_XSItoNuke and set the paths .Give the path to your Nuke.exe .For the Nuke file use the extension .nk and for the cameras you just specify your destination folder.
You can find the tool under Render>Render >tim_XSItoNuke .

I didn't want to use any gui in order to be as less clicks as possible. So the plugin is checking for the first and the last key frame on the camera and exports that range to Nuke.
If you don't have animation it will create a key on frame 1 in Nuke.
Also make sure you have the first frame from the pass rendered because the plugin is checking if exist.

The one I noticed for now is that it's not recommended to use time tokens like "[date mmdd]" in render manager.Because the script is taking the path from the Passes and if the date is different .... it won't find the image sequence. Also the first start takes longer because Nuke is loading the plugins.

Hope this is clear.


Now it supports geometry, lights and nulls.

Now setups the correct rotation order automatically.
If animation exist on the object it takes the first and the last key and exports that range
If no animation it takes the scene frame range and exports global transforms values for that range.
(this is in case you parent the object to another animated object and you want to get the transforms in Nuke)

Here is demo video:

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