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ssf importer 2.5.1 for Nuke

ssf importer (v02.5)

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Last Modified:11/14/2008
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  • lalamax3d

    lalamax3d said over 14 years ago:

    ok, it took me few hours to understand that "spaces" in folder name or file names doesn't allow this to work, create issue and don't let it import but huge thanks, its working, very useful
  • jjasper

    jjasper said almost 15 years ago:

    As of 5.1v6 I get a error if I try and add the tool to my menu. but it is still usable and works great.
  • michaelmovies

    michaelmovies said over 16 years ago:

    Because v5.0 uses python for the toolbars you need to add a new function to your file to use this in 5.0 and onwards. An example is: def py_ssf_import(): ssfFileName__ = nuke.getFilename("Shake Shape File", "*.ssf"); ssfString = 'nuke.tcl("import_ssf ' + ssfFileName__ + '; return")'; eval(ssfString) m.addCommand("SSF Import", "nukescripts.py_ssf_import()", icon="Bezier.png")

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