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Nuke and Tcl - intro
Nuke and Tcl - intro
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Nuke and Tcl - Intro

Nuke is entirely tcl based, which means that almost anything you can do with the tcl scripting language you can use to drive, manipulate and create Nuke scripts.

To enter tcl code within Nuke you can simply use the terminal that you used to start the application from. This is the reason I never start Nuke as a backgound process (i.e. "nuke &") which would prevent the shell from turning into a tcl console.

One thing to keep in mind when using the terminal: backspace is "ctrl+h".  Alternatively you can bring up the command panel by hitting "x" or going to "File/TCL command...".


In addition to native tcl commands there is a variety of Nuke specific commands that make it easier to do so.

For example:

  • "selected_nodes" will return all node ID's that are currently selected in the DAG. This makes it easy to modify a large number of nodes at once.
  • plugins� � prints all plugins currently loaded.
  • plugin_path� � prints all plugin paths that Nuke is currently sourcing

Type these commands into the terminal or the command panel and see what it spits out.