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BCM Panel - save each main group as tga 2.2.0 for Photoshop

save each group as tga

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Last Modified:10/23/2017
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Version History

BCMPanel 2.1 features:

  • saving maps as tga, png, tiff

  • save different groups into different RGBA channels, as defined in the customize window

  • it saves only the visible groups. If the visible group is the group that needs to be on the alpha channel, it will save the group defined for RGB as well even it is hidden.

  • you can create more than one preset with the customize window , and also you can view them in the panel by double click in the blank space and add a preset. When pressing the save maps button for one preset it will save the maps as defined in that preset. Also you can change one preset from the panel by double clicking on the preset label.

  • tillable maps are saved correctly when the exported image is resized

  • SETUP PSD - will create a new document with the groups defined for a preset in the customize window. If you already have a document open it will create the missing groups

  • default colors - are the colors defined in the customized window and used as backgrounds for the inexistent groups, that needs to be saved in the RGB channels of an image. Also the SETUP PSD will create the groups with these colors. If there is no default colors preset the script will use black.

  • rename selected group or create one new group by pressing the button with the group name from the BCM Panel.

  • Check Albedo - a visual check that shows the most dark or the most bright pixels for your albedo. This check is performed at saving time as well and the user will be warned about it. Uhen the CHECK ALBEDO button is pressed, a group CheckAlbedo will be created for the main parent of the selected layers, if there is a AlbedoCheck defined in the customize window. Also if the group already exists it will perform a toggle by showing the brightest pixels in red, then the darkest pixels in blue, then nothing.

  • BRDF Palette - will open an image that the user have defined as floating window so it will be easy to take the colors with the picker from that image. Also if the image is already opened it will close it.