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channelBlend 1.2.0 for Shake

Based on Photoshop's Channel Mixer...

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Last Modified:01/03/2007
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Based on Photoshop's Channel Mixer, Channel Blend is a grading tool that will blend the colour from one channel into another. A weighted reorder so to speak.

It works on master, low, mid and high tones, and in each there is a matrix. Increase/decrease the values in the matrix to add the blue to the red, green to the blue and so on.
It has 4 modes
1) screen (default) - this stops the blending from burning out on any channels
2) add - more dramatic than screen and will burn out if not careful.
3) Max - unlike the above 2 - max only takes effect with much higher values in the matrix - but can be used to isolate one colour only and change that colour completely
4) reorder which uses a weighted monochrome tool to re-order. This only works in the master controls. (many thanks to Peter Warner for the reorder method and for giving me a much faster way to do this)

v1.1 minor change to reorder method and recursive error fix. will give a different result to previous version if reorder method had been used in a script
v1.2 fixed the Bytes out - this update works backwards on previous scripts


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