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Quantize 1.0 for Shake

Ever need to do a distortion on an image (as...

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Last Modified:06/23/2005
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Ever need to do a distortion on an image (as seen though glass or ice etc) but the distortion matte is too fine - and blurring just makes it too liquid?

I developed this macro so that instead of the above you can blur an image - quantize it to reduce levels, and use this as the basis of the distortion map. It gives sharper - and better defined edges in the distortion than blurring etc will.

Input source as RGBA, A, or use a built in lumakey
use the PreBlur on the image, and set levels, view alpha.
Use postBlur to soften the map if required.

Also has a 'diffBlur' and 4 'diff' outputs - here you use a 2nd or more quantize node(s) and these tools to create a 'fringing' matte so additional distortions, or grades can be applied to other areas.

Of course it can also be used just as a simple levels tool for a colour image which - yes I know, should probably be called posturizing.

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