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Ring Defocus and RGB rDefocus 1.0.0 for Shake

2 filters give a good effect for defocusing ...

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Last Modified:06/06/2008
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These filters gives a good effect for defocusing text and images. This is not attempting to be a camera defocus but a bit more like the sort of defocus I see when I go cross eyed and close one eye., or before I had my eyes lazered.

Takes multiple copies of the same image and positions them around a circle (defocus points), with an optional blur to blur the result. You can use mix or max to combine the images which give very different results.

With less defocus points (say 2-5) the option to rotate their position on the circle has use, 8 on and there's no noticable effect.

RGB rDefocus is similar to Ring Defocus except there are extra controls for each channel.


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