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GRID (viewerscript) 1.0.0 for Shake

a fast overlay GRID (viewerscript)

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Last Modified:11/27/2006
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update - no changes - just added installing instructions below

A viewer script GRID overlay.
Uses nglrender so is fast. Controls for coarse, fine and extra fine grids. Centre overlay and invert option.

simple as that

Had a question about installing this as its not the same as a macro so...

If you dont have one create a 'viewer' directory in your
'nreal/icons/' directory. (the exact position of this depends on your setup.)

Add the icons 'vlut_Grid.nri' 'vlut_Grid.focus.nri' to that.

Add the .h and UI.h as normal.

Now as this is a viewer script it only appears under the 'viewer script' icon under the viewer. It will be a grid like icon. To access the parameters 'right click' over the icon and select one of the 'load parameters ...' options. Then you can change the defaults.


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